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We'll give a talk or class to your group, at an event and in your area

As a community service, Eckankar offers to give talks on a variety of spiritual subjects such as:


Spiritual Experience,

Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel,

Spiritual Exercises and the HU Song

Health and Healing

If you would like us to present a talk in your area, to a particular group or at a an event, please contact us and we'll do our best to work with you to give an insightful and informative talk.

There is no charge for presenting these classes. We are happy to share our insights in the hope that people will be able to live a happier and better life with the insights we share.

Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel Discussion Class

Have you been somewhere for the first time but felt you knew it well?
Have you ever wondered about dreams and how to uncover the insights they hold?
Have you had thoughts, ideas or insights come “out of the blue” which helped you understand some of the situations in life?
Come along for a friendly and insightful chat about past lives, dreams and Soul travel, and how they can help you in your daily life.

Past Lives — Want to recall memories of past lives? Lessons of long ago can be recaptured to help our lives today. Our character is made up of virtues and shortcomings, and all are a development from past lives. Learn how to explore past lives and how they affect our life today.

Dreams are real, another way to find wisdom from the heart. Dreams open new avenues of truth and give insights just for you. You’ll learn more about how to work with your dreams at the discussion.

Soul Travel is a more direct, conscious way to rise above the human mind. Most saints in history knew this ancient science of Soul Travel and used it often during their prayers or meditations. Soul Travel is simply a shift in consciousness. Its main benefit is to let you tap into the wisdom and knowledge of the last great frontier—your inner worlds.

Life is a canvas
Your life is a canvas. You are the artist. Past lives add colour to your life. Dreaming is an art. Soul travel is a way of creating a more fruitful and loving life. Paint a more fulfilling life for yourself. Understanding these inner aspects of yourself will help you create a masterpiece of your life.
Come along for a friendly and insightful chat about past lives, dreams and Soul travel and how they can help you in your daily life. Gain a better understanding of past lives, dreams and your unique nature as Soul. Explore your natural ability to find more wisdom, love, inner peace and freedom in your life.

This class is presented as a community service by Eckankar, a spiritual path, which teaches contemplation and techniques to help us understand our life and our dreams and spiritual experiences.

In this video Horld Klemp tells the story of how a thre year old child recalled a past life.

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