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We'll give a talk or class to your group, at an event and in your area

As a community service, Eckankar offers to give talks on a variety of spiritual subjects such as:


Spiritual Experience,

Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel,

Spiritual Exercises and the HU Song

Health and Healing

If you would like us to present a talk in your area, to a particular group or at a an event, please contact us and we'll do our best to work with you to give an insightful and informative talk.

There is no charge for presenting these classes. We are happy to share our insights in the hope that people will be able to live a happier and better life with the insights we share.

Health & Healing Discussion Class

Have you ever noticed a connection between your spiritual life and your health?
Has your inner guidance ever helped you through an illness or injury?
What kind of spiritual messages can health problems bring?

This class is for anyone interested in exploring their health from a spiritual vantage point. We'll discuss spiritual exercises to help you see yourself and your state of health from a higher perspective than you've likely ever imagined. Learn techniques for discovering answers to physical, emotional and spiritual concerns.

During the class we'll discuss:
Two keys to good health
The purpose of healing
Dreams and healing
A creative force to use for healing

Recurring or chronic health issues can be like recurring dreams, representing unfinished business or lessons still to be learned from your past lives. They can also provide important clues about your present state of consciouness.
Come to discuss these questions, share your experiences, and gain new techniques to explore your health issues from a spiritual perspective. Gain more understanding about the source of your challenges and learn techniques for receiving insights and upliftment.

You can be the architect of your spiritual journey, as well as your own health and well-being, come along to discover how.

This class is presented as a community service by Eckankar, a spiritual path, which teaches contemplation and techniques to help us understand our life and our health and our spiritual experiences.

All are welcome to what will be a lively and interesting discussion where health and healing will be explored. There will also be a number of stories, examples and techniques shared at the class which will help you be the architect of your spiritual journey, as well as your own health and well-being.

This video gives some insigths into health and healing and the true source of our healings.

If you are looking for spiritual topics other than dreams, click here to see the Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel, page.

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